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Special ads

Augahi may in some cases based on the law change your ad text or title to partially or completely.

Your ad must not violation of the laws and customs of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

• threatening or breaking the privacy of individuals.

• Ads without specify prices or without image.

• Any insult to the country's official religions, customs, traditions, ethnicities, dialects and dialects.

• Use photos as unrelated to Selling the item.

• Use English letters in Persian ads.

• Any ad that is not commercial aspects (broadcasting political, social or religious, etc.)

• Training tools or intrusion, vandalism, break locks, hacking and cracking

• Rent and sell of illegal movies or music.

• Pyramidal networks and illegal, unregulated and similar economic activities.

• Any contest, sweepstakes and lotteries (with a bonus or no bonus)

• Advertising for doing student projects.

• Drug-related goods and services.

• Sales of metal detectors, illegal excavations or its related equipment

• Services related to dating, dating, family counseling

• Advertisements privacy, marriage and marriage

• Sales invoices and invoice for borrowing, remove the employer's insurance contributions and the like

• Buying and selling human organs

• Cash assistance request or payment for remote transactions

• Insert account number in the ad text

• Services and goods that it be observed signs of fraud

• The site, product or service in any way have to compete with AUGAHI Site.

• Buy and sell food, strengthening and sports supplements

• Install programs and Windows Mobile side

• Bulk SMS Panel

• Insert ads without putting information on teacher training courses

• Insert the same ads repeatedly in a day, even with different titles

• resubmit an ad that from the time of its removal by the user, not spend more than 24 hours.

• Appointments noncommercial online

• Buy ads that numbers in the SIM card cannot be inserted as advertised

• Any item that caused the violence and harm to others, such as pyrotechnics and firearms and cold, etc.

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